Why I Chose Postgraduate Study - MSc Exercise Physiology

Why I Chose Postgraduate Study - MSc Exercise Physiology

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Before reading this blog post, it’s really worth noting that I hadn’t really planned on pursuing a postgraduate master’s programme. Although, yes, postgraduate study was certainly something I had always planned on, I had intended to do so through a PhD. However, being self-employed in the world of start-up didn’t lend itself well to the time and cost demands associated with such intense study.

It was actually a direction that I somewhat fell into through an open-minded delve while helping my partner pursue her own further education journey. I have always been an ambassador for continued education and have pursued many courses, qualifications and certifications both throughout and following my time at university.

In researching courses for Abi’s potential career path, I looked into potential sponsorships and scholarships that she may be eligible to apply for, as the financial factor is an incredibly large influence on our study as we both work full-time and do not have any financial support available. When looking I did find a good scholarship, however, Abi was not eligible to apply. I, on the other hand, met all the criteria handsomely.

As already mentioned, I am a huge advocate of continued education, especially as I spent my school years failing in it and had no hope or prospects. Turning my life around through the pursuit of knowledge was an invaluable experience, and one that I am always looking to continue. I had applied for a couple of PhD’s in the past, though been unsuccessful due to available funding, application strength, and the time/resource that I was able to allocate to the pursuit, never mind completion of, a PhD programme. As I work within the fitness industry already and hold relevant qualifications in nutrition, boxing, and fitness coaching, I thought exercise physiology would be an incredibly valuable addition.

Additionally, as a dedicated advocate of Newcastle University being not only an alumnus but it being my home-town team, alongside my continued relationship with the university since graduating, I loved the idea of coming back here to study. I knew from experience of the calibre of researcher running the course and modules, and was additionally aware the level of investment in the new sport science facilities since I had graduated. That alumni discount also can’t be ignored…

With such a great course available, by amazing lecturers, in brand-new facilities, and with the additional financial support available to make further education a realistic prospect, it would have been ludicrous to not jump on the opportunity. About 2 months later I started the course, and have had an amazing time developing my skillset, knowledge and expertise with like-minded individuals looking to make a name for themselves within the world of sport and exercise physiology.

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