A GP refers. A counsellor listens. A therapist gives advice, and a psychiatrist gives drugs. CGR Cooke is none of these things.

I am Charlie, and I am your friend. I will listen, but I won't let you talk forever. I will listen for patterns. Trends. Common causes and consequences, and I will ask you if you have also noticed them. If you have, I will ask what you've done about it.

We all have trauma - to any degree. The human experience is traumatic, but it is not the negative that defines us. It is what we did about it. How we used it. How we applied it. Maybe you're caught up in a repetitive cycle. Maybe you keep repeating the same mistakes. Maybe you want a positive change in your life. Maybe you know what you're doing wrong, maybe you don't, but do you know how to change it?

I will not tell you what to do, but I will teach you frameworks that will help you work it out. Which frameworks work depend on you. We're all so individual and there are so many studies, self-help books and productivity programmes in the world, how are we to know which will work for us?

I can't pretend to know for sure, however, having studied topics of human health to an obsessive degree, alongside working with hundreds of individuals over the past decade, I do have an educated experience that may be able to find that answer sooner and more pragmatically than you could expect to find alone.

Not only can I help you find your issue and framework a solution, but I can help you practically apply it. The best programme in the world is pointless to the person who doesn't follow it. It's not just what you could do, but what you would do. How are you holding yourself accountable to your prescriptions? Do you know what motivates you? What hinders you? Do you have strategies to manipulate existing habits? Do you know how much to lift, run, or eat? Is your sleep optimal? Do you enjoy what you're doing? Is what you're doing working? Why, or why not?

If you want to find out how you can live your life better aligned with how you'd like it to be, drop an email and we'll set up a chat to see if I can help you work it out.

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Know Your Principles

Charlie Cooke promotes a 5-dimensional view of health and fitness, being:
1. Mental health
2. Physical health
3. Social health
4. Spritual health
5. Emotional health

All dimensions of health are treated as important planets within your solar system and are respected according to your own priorities and principles of health. What 'healthy' means to one person is very different to what it means to another. What does healthy mean to you?

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