Training Packages


CGR Cooke are proud to offer a range of training packages to suit your training needs, whatever they may be, by offering a combination of our 121 services.

Below is a summary of how we can understand, programme, and transform your health and fitness through effective planning. This doesn't just apply to athletes and events, as some may simply want the opportunity to play with their kids in the park or tackle a troublesome niggle that's been holding them back. 

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Programming Packages

Macrocycle Programming 

Get your whole year of training planned out with ongoing consultation, access to and provision of resources and information, body analysis, fitness testing, and 121 support...

A macrocycle, within sport science, is training programmed in order to meet a training goal typically 12-months down the line. A macrocycle often consists of 4 sub-divided phases of training (3-months each) with specific phases relevant to the time of year and distance from your key 'peak' period.

An example may be a ironman athlete wishing to set a record at a particular event. In this case we have a single event on a specific date, and therefore may divide the year into 3 recovery mesocycles to ensure all niggles from the previous seasons training are recovered, followed by a block of base fitness to establish General Physical Preparedness for further exercise plus establishing correct movement mechanics, followed by a sport-specific training period with an increased focus on cycling, swimming and running. The training cycle will then culminate in a peak training cycle with a ramp-up in fitness followed by a ramp-down to promote full recovery before the day of the event. 

This is obviously very different to a professional boxer who may box at any time through the year as opportunities for bouts arise and must be ready at all times, or a rugby player who trains for multiple games throughout a set season of the year or a particular championship. 

Mesocycle Programming 

Our most popular option, a mesocycle training package includes 6-weeks of training and analysis...

Mesocycles are a sub-division of our macrocycle and last 3-6 weeks. For example, if we take the example above, we may subdivide the recovery phase, lasting 12 weeks, into two blocks of 6 weeks before moving onto the base fitness phase of training. 

Mesocycle programming, therefore, is more relevant to a boxer requiring a 6-week training programme to prepare for a bout than it is to our Ironman triathlete. 

Microcycle Programming 

A single week of analysis, consultancy and programming...

The final sub-divsion, a microcycle is a single week of training that will progress gradually over the mesocycle to form your overall training plan. Though we recommend planning your training for a minimum of one meso-cycle, we do offer 1-week training programmes.

Single Session Programming 

A microcycle is finally boiled down to individual training sessions. As mentioned, we highly recommend programming a minimum of a mesocycle, though we do offer single-session programming if perhaps you only need a session to rehabilitate an injury, build a particular muscle group, or you have an existing programme and need support in a particular area.

A good example would be an experienced runner with little knowledge of strength training needing a single day in the gym establishing GPP for baseline fitness to facilitate their existing running programme. 

One-off bookings are available for all sessions.

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