6-Week Training Camp

A discounted 6-week package of programming, consultation, 121 training, and professional  body analysis to make sure you are always on track to your goals. 


- Initial health consultation 

- Professional body analysis 

- 2x Week 121 boxing coaching 

- Midway check-in session 

- Continued health support 

- Final body analysis 

- Follow up support 

What to expect: 

Day 1: Initial consultation 

Professional diet, body and fitness analysis performed by registered nutritionist, boxing coach, and personal trainer Charlie Cooke to include body fat measurement, calorie calculations, diet assessment, lifestyle management,and initial fitness strategy outlined.

Weeks 1 & 2: Personal and group fitness

On your 6-week training camp programme you will receive two 121 training sessions per week according to your baseline fitness assessment and goals. This will also include partaking in any planned sessions according to your personal training programme.

Halfway: Midway check-in assessment 

How has your diet been going? Are there adjustments we can make to better fit your schedule? How is an old injury holding up? Are we on track to your targets? Now is the time to check-in on all of the progress you have made so far and make any alterations to keep you on the straight and narrow path to success. 

Weeks 3 & 4: Let's turn it up a gear 

You've been doing amazing so far, and with your new alterations and baseline fitness improved we can begin to step on the gas to push that change in body composition and confidence. 

Finale: Comparative body analysis and fitness assessment 

How have you done over the past 6 weeks? Let's find out! Without a goal you can't score, but health is more than physical and it's important to remember the other drastic improvements you will have experienced in sleep, stress response, positivity, confidence, alongside all other beneficial changes! 

Follow up: What now? 

No programme performed for only 6 weeks will change your life for good. Your body represents what you do most consistently, so let's keep this momentum going with either a second round of Training Camp, a programme of training to suit your schedule, or a baseline schedule of 121 sessions to keep you in the state of physical and mental health that you'd like to stay. 

What's it going to cost me? 

The entire package, when costed at standard price, would come in at £522. However, as I am a big believer in this programme and method of life changing health consultancy, I instead offer this package at a heavily reduced rate of £425 - a saving of almost £100 - when paid upfront. 

Otherwise, you can pay in two installments of £225 paid before the start of week 1 and week 3.


Get started

Click below to go to our contact page and include the line TRAINING CAMP and I'll be in touch as soon as possible to get you booked in for your initial consultation. You won't need to bring anything with you, but you will be partaking in physical activity so make sure to dress accordingly. 

 NOTE: Please ensure you have scheduled adequate time to make all sessions. This is Charlie speaking to you as a friend, not someone trying to sell you my services. This is an intensive programme that requires full commitment in order to achieve your results and there is no turning back once you've started. Refunds are not issued for this reason - make sure you are committed to make this change. I'll be with you all the way. 

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